Is social media influencing our purchase decisions?


This gallery is a collection of artworks which represent how social media has effected individual identity. The social identity theory suggests that ‘individuals strive to maintain or enhance their self esteem; they strive for a positive self concept’ (Tajifel and Turner,1979)

In previous generations didn’t have the privilege internet, would have to prove that they achieved something by actually doing it to receive some sort of recognition and gratification.

The introduction of online social networking in the 21st century has added a new dimension to the theory of social identity as people are given a chance to effectively portray themselves, what they do, what they care about and even how old they are inaccurately in order to receive recognition, gratification or acceptance. The formation of an individuals identity is increasingly evolving with the immediate nature of the internet With social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, users create and maintain their online identity  in an extremely different way to the formulation through direct human contact.



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