A subject which I feel is particularly interesting within the theme of identity, is looking at the relationship it has with media and how individual identity is affected by media.

I believe that the development of media and social media in particular has had a major impact on development of individual identity I believe that how we act and behave is majorly influenced by the online communities that we join. Many people adapt and change the way they think and act in order to fit in with certain groups and standards set by these social networking groups. For example we may dress or say things that mimic our peers on these networking sites, thus changing our original and natural identity. Through exploring this subject area during the building of my archive this broad source of information has provided me with my own ideas and information needed to build my own artistic representation of this subject area. I have come up with ideas for my two images, which represent my thoughts regarding the effect that social media has had on our identity. The fundamental point in both my one shot image and composite image, represent how our identities are being absorbed and consumed by social media.

I have built this website as a gallery to display all the art pices and information which relates to my ideas surrounding the topic.




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